Behind the Scenes

Creating this year’s visual theme

Posters for Global Game Jams don’t make themselves, unfortunately. While most of the times I greatly enjoy designing promotional materials, sometimes it can also be very frustrating. This year’s GGJ visual theme as one of those cases, and I decided to write about it.

You can read the full post on my blog.

Here’s the preview of the final steps of poster evolution:



Registration open!

Hello, after long time of silence and planning behind the “public eye” we want to finally open registrations to Global Game Jam 2016 in Umeå! The registrations are only local right now, the registration at Global Game Jam website will be open during the event.

The registration form is located here. Please fill it out if you plan to come (even if you’re not fully sure).


See you at the jam!


Summer Game Jam!

Time to open the registration for Summer Game Jam, happening next weekend, August 14-16, 2015. If you’re tired of the summer laziness and/or willing to take a break from your everyday life join us at the game jam!

It’s going to be much more relaxed one than the Global Game Jam since it’s summer and there’s no external place to submit to. All games we make are only presented to other participants by the end of the jam, so small projects are definitely encouraged. Remember it’s all just for fun to meet with fellow game enthusiasts and train some skills on the side :)


About the groups

I’m getting a lot of questions about how will we arrange in groups and whether groups will be pre-defined or not. So ‘m going to answer this now for all that are also wondering.

The group formation is going to take place during the event. The plan is following: after the keynotes and opening we will start brainstorming, which will be done in random groups. After that each of the groups will present their ideas, and the other participants will choose which idea they like the most and create a group. We will try to make sure that each group has both programmers and artists. But this way it seems most reasonable since everyone will be able to work on something they feel enthusiastic about, instead of having to possible make compromises within the group.